Further West

by Hungrytown

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Further West is the third album from Hungrytown. Recorded in their home state of Vermont over a two-month period between tours of Europe, North America and New Zealand, it was made possible through a grassroots network of fans that raised over $15,000 in a “Let’s Put Hungrytown On the Map” crowd-funding campaign. Rebecca Hall and Ken Anderson, otherwise known as Hungrytown, are joined on their latest recording by long-time collaborator, cellist Suzanne Mueller and celebrated Vermont fiddler Lissa Schneckenburger.


released June 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Hungrytown Townshend, Vermont

After more than a decade of world-wide touring and two previous album releases, Rebecca Hall and Ken Anderson--otherwise known as the folk duo Hungrytown--have earned a reputation for the quality and authenticity of their songwriting.

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Track Name: Further West
Rocks in my pocket, blood on the stair
Followed you down to the sea.
It wasn’t the first, or even the worst
Though much still remains to be seen.
Beautiful losers, each in their way
Or are they just pretty to me?
Imperfect rhyme, better sometimes
And some time is all that you need.

Walk-up apartments, underground trains
Living someplace in between.
Stiles and hedgerows, soft summer air
Like waking up to a dream.
Highway reminders, pointing the way
Oh how familiar they seem.
No time to rest; we head further west
There’s someplace that I’ve got to be.

Rebecca Hall (BMI)
© 2014 Broken Sun Music
Track Name: Hard Way to Learn
Fourteen days I saw you run
Over the hills and into the sun
Little baby sleeping on a back porch stair
God knows how you found the heart to leave her there
And it’s a hard way to learn

Two weeks more on the sidewalk scene
Tender-hearted girl with a smile so lean
Tell me how your bright ideal
Measures up to a life so real
And it’s a hard way to learn.

Fourteen nights ‘neath a waning moon
Old regrets will be fading soon
Midnight girl sits up alone
Writing one last letter home
And it’s a hard way to learn.

Rebecca Hall (BMI)
© 1999 Broken Sun Music
Track Name: Sometime
A flock of birds high overhead
Is drifting softly down
As one by one they come to set
Their feet upon the ground.
Halfway ’round the world they’ve flown
And now they’re coming down.
We’ve all got to rest sometime.

Words I never should have spoken
Hanging in the air
And knowing that I’ve lost you now
Is what I have to bear
It’s too late to call them back
But next time I’ll think twice
We’ve all got to learn sometime.

Rushing through my brightest hours
Savoring the dark
Believing every unkind word
Is justified in part
Balancing each day upon
The blade of light and shade
So I try not to waste my time
But it’s all such a waste of time.

Rebecca Hall (BMI)
© 2012 Broken Sun Music
Track Name: Don't You Let Me Down
I took a young girl for my wife
But her hair turned gray on our wedding night
Don’t you let me down

I bought a house high on a hill
It turned to dust as houses will
Don’t you let me down
I saved a nickel every day
‘Til the bank man stole it all away
Don’t you let me down.

A truer friend you’ll never find
‘Til the day I leave you all behind
Don’t you let me down.

Rebecca Hall (BMI)
© 2012 Broken Sun Music
Track Name: Day For Night
Losing streak
Trying to sail over dry land
Losing sleep
Promise to pay; no money in hand
And the cold’s rolling in from the north
And there’s snow on the streets of Atlanta.

Easy to say
This too shall pass; nothing lasts.
So many ways
Ways to go wrong, so you just go along
And the trucks run their engines all night
And sleep in the glare of the streetlight.

And you try to decide what it’s worth
When it’s all in between times that matter.

Like day for night
You know it looks wrong; you know it’s too bright
Naive, they say
So easily fooled, by shadows and light
And the actors squint into the sun
And wait on the set for direction.

Rebecca Hall (BMI)
© 2014 Broken Sun Music
Track Name: Pastures of Plenty
It’s a mighty hard row that my poor hands have hoed
My poor feet have traveled a hot dusty road.
Out of your dust bowl and westward we rolled
Your deserts were hot and your mountains were cold.

I worked in your orchards of peaches and prunes
I slept on the ground in the light of the moon
On the edge of the city you’ll see us and then
We come with the dust and we go with the wind.

Green pastures of plenty from dry desert ground
From the Grand Coulee Dam where the waters run down
Every state in the Union us migrants have been
We work in this fight and we fight ‘til we win.

It’s always we rambled, that river and I
All along your green valley, I’ll work ‘til I die
My land I’ll defend with my life, if it be
My pastures of plenty must always be free.

© 1960 (renewed) and 1963 (renewed) by Woody Guthrie Publications, Inc. and TRO-Ludlow Music, Inc.
Track Name: Don't Cross That Mountain
It was late in the fall
All the harvesting was done
She said “let’s show my family
Our new baby son.”
He put her on their one horse
Took a look around the place
Then walked off for Dover
O’er the Kelly Stand Trace.

They made it maybe three miles
To where the mountain’s getting steep
Snow was blowing harder
Some twelve inches deep.
Wind howled down from northeast
the light was fading fast
They knew they’d have to shelter up
Or they could never last.

They told them down in Sunderland
A storm’s blowing in
Don’t cross that mountain
It’ll be cold as sin
Don’t cross that mountain
You’ll be risking your life
Don’t cross that mountain with your child and your wife.

They found them the next morning
The men from Sunderland
Their shelter blown apart
Up on the Kelly Stand
The husband’s feet were frozen
He held his wife’s dead hand
The baby crying at her breast
Up on the Kelly Stand.

Words by Gene Morrison (BMI)
Music by Rebecca Hall (BMI) & Ken Anderson (BMI)
© 2006 Gene Morrison
© 2009 Broken Sun Music
Track Name: Highway Song
Colors, like emotions
Written on the ground
Sleep with one eye open
Tuned to every sound

Flashing, is it danger
Or just another town?
Cartwheel-turning evergreens
Taller, upside-down

Moon rolls down the highway
Playing hide and seek
Stubble on the meadow
Tickling his cheek

Power-line conductor
Wires like outstretched hands
Grows a bit impatient
Waiting for the band

Rebecca Hall & Ken Anderson (BMI)
© 2014 Broken Sun Music
Track Name: Ramparts and Bridges
St. Vincent Millay was right, but wrong, too
Music’s not just a rampart but a bridge joining me to you
Arching across the void that divides us
Replacing cold silence, harmonies unify us.

But now, when solitude you seek,
The bridge stands broken and blocked
You make your music a barrier
With which to shut me out

Where are the notes that will break through your wall,
Pierce your ramparts and bring me back home?
Until I can find them
I stand and I call
But I’ll one day rebuild love’s bridge to your heart with a song.

Suzanne E. Mueller (BMI)
© 2007 Suzanne E. Mueller
Track Name: Static
No lights on this highway, no reflectors
Hard to see where we are turning now
Driving after midnight past the farmers
Who have put their fields to bed.

Gone so far you’ll never catch me now
Soon to be forgotten anyhow

The radio just crackles, only static
Any time I think of tuning in.
I know just how it feels to think
You’ve lost whatever signal you once had.

So far between the towns I can’t remember
When we last drove past a traffic light.
Maybe we can get to California by the morning
If we drive all night.

Rebecca Hall & Ken Anderson (BMI)
© 2014 Broken Sun Music
Track Name: Eastward Forests, Westward Hills
I awoke one dreamless night
And all alone was I-oh
Asked the night, “where’s my love gone?”
The darkness answered, “follow.”

“Which way is it that he has gone?”
I asked the moon and stars-oh
“Eastward forests, westward hills
Will he return tomorrow?”

Eastward forests, dark and deep
Westward hills, so high-oh
Choose the path that brought me here
The vale and the hollow.

He never meant to leave me here
With dangers all around-oh
Why should I stray into the night
My heart so full of sorrow?

Rebecca Hall (BMI)
© 2014 Broken Sun Music
Track Name: Troubles In Between
Now I lay me down to sleep
Pray the Lord my soul to keep
But if I die before I wake
I pray the Lord my soul to take.

December, sorry, slept right through.
January, missed you too.
Sped past March, April and May
Sometimes it’s best to keep away.

Life goes on from dream to dream
Nothing but troubles in between
Lately that’s just the way it seems.

Scarecrow chase the birds away
They’ll be back another day
And on your shoulder they will rest
And from your hair will make a nest.

Rebecca Hall (BMI)
© 2014 Broken Sun Music